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Work Guaranteed

Alhamdulillah we are using export quality expensive material and gives you reliable & stable solutions with 5 to 10 years warranty

24 /7 Hours 365 Days

Alhamdulillah Shahid Brothers gives you 24/7 hours customer support and services and work day n night for betterment.

Quality Products

Alhamdulillah our material are the best in market. Exported from Germany. Our product's durability are 80% higher then any products.

Fast Working

We have the largest team network. We works day n night and rap up the project on time without compromising on quality.

Roof Heat & Waterproofing, Bathroom & Water Tank Leakage Seepage Treatment Without Dismantling


Shahid Brothers is committed to the quality of products and service through local depth and global reach that leads to true partnership with every customer.

Roofscool which owned by Shahid Brothers and it’s product and services play a decisive role in the customers manufacturing process and upgrade their end products. Shahid Brothers combines customer and market orientation with its experience in applied chemistry. Customer supports is comprehensive and our Center of Excellence keep us in the forefront of key developing trends. Skills of our employees through continuous training and development enable them to recognize the challenge that customers face, during application of the product to their exact specification and provide effective solutions. Shahid Brothers group committed to continuous developments in the quality of our products through greater flexibility, innovation and continual improvement of Quality Management System with Special emphasis to meet the environment, Safety and health Standards.

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When was the last time your tank had a checkup?

If your Water Tank has a specific issue of Leakage and Seepage, you just need to schedule a routine inspection to meet regulatory requirements, our Tank Leakage team will start with a thorough inspection of your tank, analyze the findings and will let you know the exact cost and best tank leakage solution. Including observations and recommendations.

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Best Of Featured Services

Water Tank Leakage Services

Seepage and leakage from overhead and underground tanks spoils the décor,

Old Bitumen Material Scraping

Bituminous paint is commonly found on floors in properties…

Basement Leakage Solution

The main reasons of water leakage in all types of roofs are generally cracks, big and small holes

Roof Waterproofing Solution

Our Roof Leakage and Waterproofing Treatment

Roof Heat Proofing Solution

Our heat resistance chemical is capable to reflect all sun rays

Expansion Joint Services

People plug these areas with mortar. Eventually they became cracks and lead to leakages.

Tiles Roof Repairing Services

We Are A Renowned Name In Offering Quality Services For Roofing Service

Bathroom Leakage Treatment

Bathroom Leakage and Seepage is a very common problem in Pakistan

A.C & G.I Sheets Projects

We also do A.C and G.I Sheet Roof Heat Water Leakage Treatment

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